Meet Hodaya M., a special 6 year old girl who is always cheerful and positive, and loves people and learning.

Hodaya was born prematurely, and she weighed only 632 grams. She spent months in the hospital, fighting for her life. This affected her development, and today she has cerebral palsy and is considered 100% disabled. Hodaya does not walk by herself, and has to be helped with most basic tasks.

Her family turned to us recently with a request for help in purchasing a car that can be used to help Hodaya get to places she needs to be in such as treatment, school and outings. This will lift some of the burden and cheer her and her family up.

We were of course happy to help, and were able to, thanks to our generous donors.

Our dear Hero Hodaya, your positivity and fighting spirit inspires us every day. We love you ❤