Happiest birthday to you! Dear Friend, Please accept our blessings on this unique day. We wish you will have the best year of your life and every coming year shall be better and better. AMEN


The day you were born was a happy and extraordinary day for your family and your surroundings. A new gift was given to the world. And that's a good reason for you to celebrate this day.

Unfortunately, many special needs children in the ILAI Fund and their families could not enjoy this privilege. From the moment the child was born, throughout their life, they were challenged with many illnesses and disabilities.

An endless struggle for every single moment.  Above all, poverty made life more suffering for these special children. Many of them have no ABA/father to ask for help and to pay for their needs.  Celebrating a simple birthday with just cake and candles is something unknown for most of them, and gifts are something unfamiliar.



Dear birthday sister/brother....
Every single dollar can turn a tear into a smile.
Please share your light and happiness on this blessing day by adopting one of our special child HEROES and by sponsoring one of our projects.

We need to help them as they need our help.It's the best way to show our gratitude to the world for our happy life. Don't take life for granted......