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Many times in our life we wish and have strong intentions to do a good thing but the situation does not allow for it...
We have the right idea and make the plan, but it does not go into the world of action but then afterwards we realize that the universe has done it all for you, even better than you would have done!!!
In August 2005, our son Ilai was born.
You know, as soon as our Ilai was born (August 2005) we established the ILAI Fund to help unfortunate children as an act of graduate and to fulfill the commitment of "LOVE YOUR FRIEND AS YOURSELF" .
In the first eight years of our dedicated work, we were introduced to about/over 750 special children of all kinds in the most challenging situations. We called them ILAI Children.

8 years later

Ilai our son became an eight years old great boy and very involved with the ILAI Special Children and active in the organization. Yes. He was 8 years old that we were succeded to make the boy happy. Ilai had his reward. An angelic new baby girl. She was born exactly on my birthday date. On 04/03/2013 We named her מלאכי Malakhi. In Hebrew, Malakhi Means my angel and in a deeper translation, it means angelic- someone like an angel- anything relates with angels.

When Malakhi was 3....

One day, I got a phone call from a young 16 years old girl, Tamar. She told us about her 8 years old sister Avishag. %100 paralyzed with Cerebral-Palsy. A couple of years before the ILAI Fund helped their mother to buy a wheelchair for the little sister. They live in Southern Israel in Kiriyat Gat and are from an ultra-orthodox family/community dealing with financial challenges. A large family with fewer sources and a CP girl.
Tamar told me tath she is organizing with her friends to make a fun day for about 25 special children in their community including her sister Avishag. They wanted to make the fun day on the special day of the Tishaá BeAv. The 9th of the month of Av. In the middle of summer. The day we fast for the destruction of the Temple in Yerushalayim. (BTW, it's the birthday of Mashiyah)
Tamar said since the parents fast and the children are home neglected they are trying to make it easier for the families and of course make the children happy. I loved the idea and immediately approved the little amount Tamar asked to make this day happen. She told me each special child will have a volunteer girl to be with as a company, personally, and to take care of one on one during the day.
They needed and found special transportation for those on wheelchairs, some food, games, and a professional lady to come and keep the children busy and happy with her music and games and trophies. On the day of Tisha BeAv of the year 2016, I went to Kiriyat Gat to visit them.
The girls rented a room in a Yeshiva, with games and much energy. About 7-8 autistic kids and another 7 handicapped kids in wheelchairs, a couple of them were on their bed totally physically paralyzed, 4 little kids with down-syndrome and some with cognitive problems, and more...
As usual, I went to visit them for just an hour and stayed there for the rest of the day. I very much loved what these young teenagers do for the children and offered Tamar to do more fun days for the kids and the ILAI Fund can support them financially.
Tamar called me a day after and told me about the fact that for the last two weeks of August that kids don't have any school and are very much neglected in their home suffering and making it a big challenge for the families.
She said she and her friends would want to keep the kids busy and making them a little camp for the last days of the summer.
Thanks to my Donating Angels' supporters of the ILAI Fund we approved this mission and promised Tamar to raise more money for the holy purpose.
In that summer of 2016, my Malakhi was then 3years old and the most amazing girl at that time. I was so happy for everything and my work and kids I was so unsatisfied with the fact that I haven't done anything after her name. The special camp was so perfect. So successful and I took my 10 years old Ilai to visit the camp and the happy children.
Many mothers called to say thanks and bless our donors for this great help and told me about the magical impact on their kids and the family.
The next Passover Tamar called and asked if they can take the special kids to the zoo. They had the free tickets and needed funds for a bus and food.
They sent to me the pictures and I was so high and proud. The next summer 20, we made a good fun day for the children and decided to keep the August camp.
Tamar asked me if we can pay for making the kids the same T-shirts and the volunteer girls look the same and as a team.
I loved the idea.Then she confirmed that she ordered the T-shirts for the camp. I and Ilai went to visit the camp and our new friends and for the first time Ilai took his little sister, Malakhi with us.
Malakhi knew that she is going to visit special children and she was so excited. But the exciting part is just about to start.
We stepped to a new big room where all the kids and the volentry girls wearing a nice blue T-shirts with a nice logo on it written קיטנת ילדי מלאכי "THE MALAKHI CILDREN CAMP"
קיטנת ילדי מלאכי
We were so amazed and surprisingly when we asked Tamar, why you called this camp Malakhi? She said because these children are all Malakh/Angel. I asked Tamar again: Did you know that my girl's name is Malakhi? NO. said Tamar. I did not even know you have a girl. I thought you have only a boy, Ilai. it was a great day with Malakhi Children Camp. They ran the camp for ten days and it was really successful .
I realised and said to myself that for the last three years since my little Malakhi was born I wanted to do something on her name and it didn't happened and now without knowing, from far these young girls are making your wish become true and without asking them they name this great activity "Malakhi Children" ילדי מלאכי !!! Amazing!!
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Malakhi Children's Camp

Now listen to this...

A few months later I and Ilai went to the US for the purpose of fundraising and wedding of a seat old friend that was for years one of our donors from LA. His name Is Mikhael. It was a great trip.
On our way back from LA to Yisrael, we stopped in Swiss for one day. On the plane in the sky from Zurich to TelAviv we met an angelic lady she said her name is Michelle (the great angel) and she is from Monaco. She was a true queen and special lady. Michelle switched her seat to seat next to Ilai. Very fast Ilai and Michelle became great friends and the whole flight they talked and had a great conversation and connection.
Michelle came to visit us the next Shabbat and was amazed by our girl, Malakhi as well and we introduced her to the ILAI Fund and the MALAKHI Camp. As a true angel Michelle offered to support our activities, she became a big fan of our organization. Among the rest of our donating angels, our true partners to this great success we thank you Michelle to make this possible for our kids.
"Turning Tears Into Smiles"