Congratulations to our first award winning family, Mr. Ben and Mrs. Bita Nehmadi and their children Aaron-Mosheh, Evan Yosef and princess Kaayla, of Los Angeles!

On behalf of the Ilai Fund, we are honored to give them the ILAI Award for their charitable work of funding the ILAI Grant Proposal-Summer of 2014 with medical equipment and therapies for tens of sick children with special needs. 


The Nehmadi’s have been supporting the Ilai Fund for many years and are an integral part of the family.
Ben Nehmadi (Behzad), founder of the Republic Investment Company in New York and Los Angeles, is a person with strong work ethic and has a great thirst for education and faith to get a strong foothold in the real estate market.

“When I reconnected with Albert 8 years ago and heard about his work with sick children in Israel, I knew that I wanted to do what I could to help them.” Says Ben.

The Nehmadis keep up to date with the work of the organization during their annual visit to the Holy land for the bar mitzvah celebrations of their two sons.

Behzad and his wife Bita’s financial support come with kindness, devotion, love and tremendous care for our children!
These are just a few of the reasons we would like to honor them with The 2014 ILAI Fund’s Best Donating Angels award.

We are so proud to have them as the Best Donating Angels of 2014!

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