“The world is built through acts of kindness”
We, the founders of the ILAI Fund, hereby commit ourselves to keep working for the good of the Ilai children, to love them, provide them with the best care possible and be there for them at all times.

We are committed to our supporters as well, those good angels, without whom we wouldn't be able to do much for our precious children.
We have no words with which we would be able to express our gratitude towards each and every one of them. Knowing how much hard work they put into earning their income, we appreciate the fact that they have chosen the ILAI Fund and found us to be worthy recipients of their support. We ask our good angels to keep putting their trust in us so that we would be able to bring more light and happiness into the lives of our little heroes.
The angels who support the ILAI Fund in its holy mission, are the pillars upon which the organization stands. These worthy people are holding up the world, and by doing so are fulfilling the holy verse: "עולם חסד יבנה", "The world is built through acts of kindness". As is stated in ‘Pirkei Avoth’: "The world stands on three pillars: Torah, serving G-d and acts of kindness"

Every single expenditure and project is supervised by us and is under our control. We therefore hold ourselves responsible that every contribution we receive will find its way to the child who needs it most. We appreciate every penny that is donated and try to make the best use out of it. As stated in the Talmud: "דין פרוטה כדין מאה" which means that in Jewish law we must take care with small amounts of money just like huge amounts of money.

The ILAI Fund volunteer members do not work for salaries.
We help our children out of love, making sure that no money is being wasted on unnecessary luxuries.
The ILAI Fund does not recognize family or friendship connections as reasons for receiving a donation. The only way a donation can be made is by presenting the necessary documentation: all medical documents, a letter from the welfare ministry and recommendations of social workers which testify to the family's financial situation.
The ILAI Fund investigates every case thoroughly, visits the child personally, and keeps a close eye on what's going on. We are in constant touch with both the child and the family, and are available for our children 24 hours every single day.

We pray to the G-d of Israel to help us in our holy mission and give us the ability to show our true worth to our dear supporters. We hope never to do anything that might prove to be a source of disappointment to G-d or to his worthy “angels”… We ask The Lord Hashem, to guide us every step of the way, to help us make the right decisions and find the best ways to be of help to our dear little heroes.

God Almighty! Please be with us. Help us continue to be the pure vessel that brings our children happiness and comfort, the one that connects ‘Our Angels’ the supporters, to ‘Our Heroes’, the children. Amen.