Congratulations to our Best Donating Angel of 2020 Shalom and Rita Aynesaz. LA

Good Friends are like Stars. You don't always see them But you know they are always there. In that case, Shahriyar Aynesaz is a superstar.

An old friend whose good name and manor are some integral parts of his characters. A blessed generous man who shares his light unconditionally to many people and charity organizations. We know from back in Abrishami school in 7-8 great. We escaped together from Iran and had a great journey in Vienna to the land of opportunities.

 Shalom owes his success to a row model and devoting women Rita. A warm heart lady with much passion and energy. Shalom and Rita are blessed by majestic children, Dan, Joe, Joline, and Jacob. All partners of the ILAI Fund and siblings to my All children. What a gift.

May your children be better than you and we all be proud of them. Amen

We thank you for your love and support for our children and we are proud, happy, and thankful to give this honor to your family. Toda Rabba

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