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We provide our children with a wide range of items such as wheelchairs, Hart walker, bath lifts, orthopedic shoes, splints and braces, special nutrition, diapers, eyeglasses, specialized computers, finances for transportation to and from hospitals and vitamins or medication that are not included in their healthcare program. We provide physiotherapy and hydrotherapy visits for our kids and at times there is a need for psychotherapy in order to accomplish their overwhelming tasks.

The ILAI Fund provides one-on-one caregivers and teachers, organizes fun days out for our children, and more.

Unfortunately, the State budget allocated to these children continues to be very minimal each year and what every person receives is a mere drop of water compared to the vast ocean of their needs. Our families are left feeling helpless because they do not have the ability to pay for even the simplest services that their child needs. Even with the Health Insurance medication subsidies, it is still beyond the ability of those families with daily financial challenges to manage payments. Single mothers who lack family support have to take care of their sick children 24 hours a day meaning they become unemployed. Furthermore, there may be other children in the family who need their mother’s attention too. The financial and emotional strains fall upon the mother who has no way of carrying the burden without outside help from organizations such as the ILAI Fund.