Congratulations to our 2017 Best Donating Angels of the year,
The Iranian American Jewish Federation!

The ILAI Fund and the Iranian American Jewish Federation (IAJF) have cultivated a long friendship for many years. The IAJF's motto is "Caring, Improving and Saving Lives" which is exactly what they have done for the ILAI Fund children and the Israeli society through their longstanding support. 

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Year after year they have approved funding for our miraculous "iCan-iPad" program, through which we seek to provide children with autism with iPads for they're educational and more importantly communication needs. Thanks to IAJF's support we have been able to bestow much needed independence and ability to express themselves to a hundred children with autism. This makes all the difference for the child and for the family.

Dear IAJF staff, we extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to you for all your hard work to Care, Improve and Save Lives. We hope for many more years of collaboration and successful projects together. 

We are honoured to award your organisation the Best Donating Angel and the Honored President price of 2017.

Click here to view IAJF NY 2022 Grant Ilai Fund