In addition the ILAI Fund provides: new towels, clothing, books, gifts, bed sheets, toys and more. Most of what is needed for the homes where the children reside up to ten years old.
These are homes which the municipality and social services provide for the children when the court determines that they have to be taken out of their homes for various reasons. Mostly due to violence or broken homes, drug addiction and alcoholic parents.
These parents are mostly unfortunate victims of abuse themselves and we see ourselves as a means to end this vicious ongoing cycle.

The ILAI Fund gives the children a chance to experience things that regular children take for granted such as birthday celebrations, family outings, visits to zoos, parks and so on.

If you or your children feel that you can share gifts received at your own celebrations, (Birthday party, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs) the ILAI Fund will be happy to accept any of your donations thus giving your children the chance to experience how wonderful it is to give to others. We would further like you to ask your guests to open their hearts to these special children and include a check made out to the ILAI Fund.

At the ILAI Fund- The Fund for Children with Special Needs, each child is seen as a unique individual and their family as an entire world. It is very important for us to delve deeply into each unique situation, to reveal their most difficult and painful challenges, so that we can bring some light and hope into their lives. We pray that we will be able to continue in our efforts to embrace our children with joy and fulfill
God’s commandment of ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’'.