Congratulations to our Best Donating Angel of 2016 three generations of living angels Michelle, Sabina Nasser, and the newborn princess Luna-Hanah. Angels don't wait for invitations. They knock on and step in, offer for mercy.

Ilai and I were on a flight to Yisrael and a super lady from Monaco came and set next to us that's how we became best friends and Michelle started to be involved with our mission. From noplace The queen of Monaco was next to Ilai and starting a love story. It was a divine providence like you see in movies. Meanwhile, Michelle's daughter Sabina got married and was rewarded by a little angel named Luna.

 Dear Michelle, we thank God for knowing and having you.

As you are our donating angel and serve and protect our children, so may the angels of God protect and keep your children and family safe.

May you hold more and more descendants and make more Mitsva on their names.

Amen For your dedication to what you have done and will do for our children, we are honored to give this award to you and your majestic family. Toda Rabba /p>