Congratulations to our 2016 Best Donating Angels of the year, a couple from New York who has approved funding for one of our projects in the name of their parents, and wishes to remain anonymous. 

These dear Anonymous Donating Angels have been close friends and partners of the ILAI Fund for years, supporting many of the ILAI Fund children through their generous monthly donations.

This year they have approved a big donation that was used to improve the lives of many special needs children. Specifically, thanks to their donation, we were able to help families afford much needed medical equipment such as specially fitted wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy and hearing aids for children with hearing impairment.   

Dear Anonymous Donating Angels,
The Talmud speaks about the Eight Degrees of Giving, the most advanced of which are helping someone become self sufficient and giving anonymously. Your generous donation is therefore of a highest degree of giving as it is not only anonymous but has also helped us give children the ability to move more freely and to hear better. We want to extend our deepest gratitude and we are in awe from the goodness we see in all your deeds.

We are honoured to award you the Best Donating Angel and the Honored President price of 2016.