Meet our hero Tova, six and a half year old girl with Down syndrome.

Tova lights up the world with her positivity and cheers everyone up with her big smile! She is always the light of the party, and is able to cheer up even the saddest person. Her positivity and cheer are infectious! 

She goes to hydro-therapy every week to help strengthen her muscles and improve her balance, and she's been doing really great at it. Unfortunately, the therapy is really expensive, far and not enough for Tova's needs.

Therefore, Tova's mother is looking for funds to buy a small pool for their yard to train with her at home. It would make a ton of difference for Tova and her family. We were of course more than happy to oblige and participate in this purchase.

Our dear Hero Tova, keep shining your happy light onto the world. We wish you success in therapy and in everything else!