Meet Simha. In the photo you see a beautiful child but you do not know what is going on inside. You see a smiling face but you do not know the struggle behind it. Even his name, "Simha", means happiness.

And yet, Simha struggles to communicate with the world because of his hearing issues. His family hear, and he goes to a regular school. He lives in a world that demands of him to communicate in the way it communicates.

It was therefore very important for Simha's family to fit and purchase a hearing aid for Simha, as well as collect funds for and make sure that he succeeds at speech therapy.

The ILAI Fund prides itself on having welcomed Simha into its big family and helped him with the funds towards a suitable hearing aid and speech therapy. For this, we would like to THANK YOU the ILAI Fund Angels, whose donations have made it possible for us to support Simha's family in these expensive investments. 

Today, Simha finds it much easier to communicate with the outside world, and we are so happy to see his smile!