Yitzchak is only 8 years old. He is very intelligent ant mature for his age.
Yitzchak was born to his parents after 18 years of heartfelt prayers, and is therefore more precious to his devoted parents than one can imagine. With beautiful brown eyes that radiate calm and serenity, he sparkles with light and energy. We at ILAI Fund had the great privilege to meet Yitzchak. He has been blessed with a wonderful talent in art and is an outstanding artist with his own unique style and only recently it has been discovered that he has musical abilities too. He plays proficiently on the Piano, Organ, Drums and Darbuka.

Our precious Yitzchak suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 (SMA). This causes him great difficulty in walking, yet it does not prevent him from going to his swimming lessons every week and even winning competitions!
A sweet and cheerful boy filled with self confidence and an optimistic view of the world. He greets each new day with a smile and manages to overcome his limitations and succeed as each challenge confronts him anew.

Our Yitzchak has a good and pure soul, something that may be difficult to explain but very simple to feel. As friends of Yitzchak, we at ILAI Fund fervently pray that the day will arrive when advancements in medicine will give us the ability to combat the degenerative SMA. Then, this wonderful boy will be able to stand up and begin to walk on his own two feet, maybe even run and kick a ball with his friends.

We believe that Yitzchak will grow up to be a handsome and kind man, an excellent father devoted to his children and we know, with a full heart, that he will want to help and support other children like himself.
This Young Child will become a Great Man.
We wish Yitzchak a complete and speedy recovery.