Yael is a cute, darling 5 year old little girl. She is energetic and charming.
Yael’s parents are emigrants from Ethiopia. A hard working wonderful couple that has to take care of three children - each one with a different illness. Despite all this they never complain, they love their children and care for them very much.

Our little princess Yael suffers from Down Syndrome. Yael has slanted eyes, poor muscle tone and control, and a mentally low level of learning, understanding and communication.
Yael needs special care and treatment. Her educational programs are more complicated than any other regular child.
Her eye glasses are so expensive and she unfortunately looses them and breaks them very often.
This is just a part of what she needs and that is when the ILAI Fund shows up to be there and help little Yael and the dear family.
Yael’s brother Michael is also one of the ILAI Fund children as well as her sister Eden, who suffer from different illness and syndromes and are under treatment. The ILAI Fund helps the family for these two children as well.

Charming Yael loves to play and watch kids’ TV programs. We are trying to get her a computer very soon, to help her with her education.

We love you Yael, you are so wonderful.
We believe that our little baby girl will soon get better and better. There will be a day when we see her as a beautiful young lady; she will get married and become a good mother. Amen