Oriya is three years old but she is very tiny and weighs as much as a new born baby. She smiles when we talk to her and responds to music and the voices of her family members. Oriya suffers from Down syndrome and Radical FTT. Oriya has a six year old brother Avraham and a five year old sister Miryam. Both her siblings suffer from epilepsy, they do not communicate well and need special care, therapies and treatments. They live in a very simple little apartment in Emanuel.

Recently, they lost their father Mordechay, a devoted hard working man. Their mother now is the only one in the world to care for these three unfortunate children with special needs.
Oriya is connected to a nasogastric or an orogastric tube as this is the only way she can breathe and eat.

Their recently widowed and newly single mother is now facing a very hard and challenging life. She has to support her three ill children with monumental expenses for special nutrition, disposable diapers, medicines, and transportation to doctors and hospitals.

The ILAI Fund is proud to be a part of this amazing family by providing both Avraham and Miryam with speech therapy and attendance at a special school and by supporting Oriya for all her needs.

We love and thank these three children for giving us the opportunity, to turn some of their tears into smiles. We believe their father Mordchay is watching what we are doing for his three children and is happy that we are here. May the God of Israel bless these three little children with health, wealth and a good future. Amen!