Dianna is a pure angel.
She is one of the most beautiful girls in the world.
Dianna is an emigrant from Ukraine.
She came to Israel with her mother and they live in Carmiel, a beautiful city in north Israel.
Dianna is a computer genius and despite her disabilities she has the best grades at her school. She plays guitar and piano. She knows different languages and is the biggest sweetheart in the world.
Dianna is so full of faith and is so positive. Dianna never complains, Dianna smiles every time you see her, and it is such a privilege just knowing her.

Our little angel Dianna is not able to walk or stand up by herself. Dianna is paralyzed and relies on a wheel chair that takes her almost everywhere.

Her loving mother is the only person in the world that she has. She is such a wonderful loving Mom and is entirely devoted to working, surviving and serving our little Diana. Dianna’s mother, suffers from different weakness, we wish her mother fast cure and pray for her health.

Dianna suffers from endless pains in her bones all over her body and has to be hospitalized from time to time for different reasons.
Dianna has a dream to join the Israeli army and serve our country like any other girl in Israel.

ILAI Fund has the privilege to supply Dianna with vitamins, drugs and hydrotropic treatments, and try to be there for her in additional cases. We do everything we possibly can to help our princes, Dianna, to live a better and easier life.

You might not know how much, but we love you so much, Dianna.
We pray for you, darling so that all your dreams come true.

We believe some day very soon to see you standing, walking and jumping on your own two feet, finding your lovely prince, getting married and having children and living a healthy and happy life. Amen.