Lior is a wonderful six-year-old boy.
Lior is a born hero. He was brave and strong from the very beginning. Lior was born during the 32nd week of pregnancy. His weight at birth was no more than 3.828 pounds, and so he was put in an incubator.
A wonderful family adopted Lior right after he was born.
Our precious Lior suffers from Autism.
He suffers from repeated convulsions as well as periods when he becomes very short of breath. As such, he needs an inhalator to help his breathing get back to normal. Our baby also has a skin condition called Atopic Dermatitis, which causes dry rashes and itchiness.

Lior also has a heart deformity, ASD PDA AORTIC STENOSIS CONGENITAL. He needs to go for periodical checkups at the Heart Center.
Owing to his slow development and over large head circumference measurements, Lior's condition was thoroughly checked and diagnosed and he had to undergo many tests.

His test results showed that he had PVL I COMPENSTED HYDROCEPHALUSS in his head. There are changes taking place in the white substance in his mind.
As a result of the fact that Lior was born a premature baby, he suffers from an eye condition called NYSTAGMUS. His test results have also shown that he suffers from DIASTASIS RECTI. Lior also has ALBINISM, and owing to the lack of pigment, which causes lack of hair and skin color, he needs to be checked periodically by a neurologist and an eye doctor.
Lior needs to visit many doctors. He has to take many different kinds of medicine and undergo several treatments.
In the past two years, our Lior attends a mainstream kindergarten. But because of his special condition he requires a full time assistant to be with him at all times.

We are all with you, Lior. We're holding your hand and praying for you. We love you so very much. We hope and pray, that very soon you will start feeling better and that our Merciful Father in heaven will grant you a Refuah Shleimah, a speedy recovery, very soon. Amen.