One of the heroes of the Ilai Fund is an enchanting little girl named Tehilah.

A cute girl, Tehilah is the daughter of a devoted and charming single mother who devotes all her energy to taking care of Tehilah and Tehilah’s beautiful sister. It is not easy, but her mother is doing everything to provide Tehilah with a normal and loving environment.

Tehilah responds with warmth and affection when approached. She smiles when her hair is touched or her hands are held, and she enjoys the company of other children.

For us, Tehilah is a little angel who fell from heaven and clothed herself in the body of a girl with a host of special needs.

Tehilah is five years old. She is under regular care and evaluation due to severe-to-profound mental retardation, hypotonia and dysmorphic features.

Our little girl does not see well and she barely reacts to music. Only at age three and a half was she able to sit upright and she began crawling just two months ago. Now, at five years old, Tehilah can pull herself up to a standing position. She understands familiar situations and interactions (such as, ‘Where is the bottle?’ and the like), and she waves her hands when she hears a song she recognizes.

Our Tehilah is still in diapers. She doesn’t eat on her own and is completely dependent on an adult for all things. She needs constant physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments.

Every day, Tehilah requires the accompaniment of a caregiver. She also needs a speech therapist during the day and many other costly treatments. But Tehilah’s mother is not giving up and is doing all she can for her daughter.

The Ilai Fund is assisting them in every possible way, in order to ease their daily burden, even if just a bit. We love Tehilah and we will always be there for her.

May we merit a grand miracle and see Tehilah healthy and whole. Amen!