Little Shooki is almost two years old.
He is a sweet, friendly, happy, little boy.
Just like everyone else, Shooki also likes to go outside to play, and have a good time. Most of all he likes to be with his friends.
When little Shooki was born, the doctors told his parents that everything was OK.
But by the next morning, they discovered that things weren't as simple as they seemed…
Shooki spent a year and four months in the hospital!
He went through some very difficult times and times which were even harder than that. Thank G-d, he was able to leave the hospital, accompanied by an assortment of machines to keep him company.

Nowadays, he is attached to a machine that helps him breathe 24 hours a day. He also has a gastronome, through which he is fed 20 hours a day. He takes medications that help him breathe and grow, in other words, to live… He also undergoes various treatments, which are anything but fun…

Shooki's meetings with friends need to take place in an open area where there is less of a chance that he would get sick. The problem is that all of his medical equipment needs to go out with him as well... The price of a carriage that will be able to hold all of it is between 15 - 20 thousand NIS. Sadly, Shooki's parents cannot afford it. Especially since his mother had to quit her job so that she could take care of her son, and his father's paycheck is very low since he, too, stays home a lot to help take care of Shooki…

Don't worry, Shooki, We are here for you, helping you as much as we can, praying for you… We hope to see you, very soon, running outside on your own two feet, playing with your friends, running, jumping and having a good time outside… Amen.