Thirteen year old Ohad is a vibrant young boy whose big smile captures his face. We can learn from Ohad how to enjoy and appreciate life despite serious health problems he endures. He looks younger than his age and is confined to a wheelchair.

Ohad lives with his mother, his brother who is serving in the IDF and his sister who is still at school.

Many tedious hours are spent traveling to a hospital in the North where Ohad receives medical care and rehabilitation treatments. The two sources of enjoyment in the life for Ohad are his connection with his friends and classmates through interactive television and Internet and playing at the play center in the hospital.
When Ohad was born a cancer tumor was discovered inside his spinal cord. This condition is known as CONGENITAL SPINAL FIBROSARCOMA. At the age of 5 weeks he underwent his first operation and his last treatment was in 1998. All together he has been through 12 series surgeries. Since then he is, Thank G-d, in remission. However, Ohad is now a paraplegic and is paralyzed from his waist down. In addition, Ohad has a liver disease which has caused a nerve disorder of the bladder.

We, at the ’ILAI Fund’, pray to the Almighty for the speedy recovery of this beautiful child and hope to see Ohad playing and laughing together with his friends, grow into a young man and live his life to the fullest. Amen