Michael is a sweet little 2 year old boy suffering from Pierre Robin Syndrome.
He is a sociable and highly communicative child who only recently returned home after spending the first two years of his life in a hospital ward. Even with his mother there at his side at all times, it could never be called home. With thanks to G-D he now lives at home and makes regular hospital visits so he can be monitored. Michael has two beautiful older sisters, 4 and 5 years old, who unfortunately also suffer from medical problems.
Michael is underdeveloped in many ways and only recently has begun to improve his gross motor skills; such as lifting his head, turning over, reaching out to an object and crawling etc. and his cognitive skills; such as understanding instructions, responding to his name being called and so forth.

Pierre Robin Syndrome is characterized in three ways; a very small lower jaw (micrognathia), a slit like hole in the palate of the mouth (cleft palate) and the tongue appearing to fall into the throat (retroglossoptosis) - the consequence of these being complications in breathing and feeding. Various options of surgery such as repair of the cleft palate, insertion of an ear tube, a respiratory tube, feeding tube and more are the accepted procedure in all cases.

Michael has a thin tube inserted through his neck to his wind pipe in order to aid respiration and drain out fluids. He is fed through another tube that has been inserted into his stomach via his abdomen. Only a very specific and very expensive food can be administered to Michael and we at ‘ILAI Fund’ give his parents the opportunity to provide the proper nourishment for their wonderful son.
Michael has two cute sisters Eden and Yael, other dears of ‘Ilai Fund’ who suffer from Down syndrome and Autism. Please learn more about his sisters in this page.

A boy like Michael cannot be taken on a bus or even by taxi and therefore it is our privilege to accommodate Michael with an organized and equipped vehicle to take him to and from his hospital visits and rehabilitation sessions.

We have no doubt that with the combination of our tear filled prayers and the advance in medicine, Michael will soon begin to feel well, start going to school, grow and learn and contribute to the world with his good deeds.
May it be G-D's will. Amen