Our beautiful little Hava is two and a half years old.
Hava is such a charming child. She is so happy and full of smiles... She communicates with her surroundings beautifully! She claps her hands nods her head ‘yes’ and shakes her head ‘no’. It makes us feel so good to see her sweet reactions to the slightest touch. She smiles to all the people around her. A real angel.
Hava's parents are healthy people. She is their only child. She suffers from a chronic condition of the liver, along with a Colesthetic didturbance as well as an over large liver. Her liver is so big that it has caused her stomach to grow tremendously. Hava suffers from severe pain and constant fever. She is behind in her development, especially in her motor development skills. During most of the day she is attached to an oxygen machine.

What Hava really needs is a liver transplant. However, the doctors do not recommend it, for they are afraid that she might not survive the procedure, Heaven forbid.

In the meantime, Hava has been sent home, to her house in the Golan Heights, in northern Israel. Home is a few hours away from the hospital, and now she only goes in from time to time for endless tests and checkups…
Our little girl requires special food, which is very expensive and her travel expenses and payments for medication seem to be endless…

Darling Hava! We love you, baby! We pray for you all the time. We can't wait to see you grow up big and strong. We are looking forward to the future when you will be strong and healthy. Amen.