16 year old Maya has a special closeness to G-d. She prays very often and says the book of Psalms from beginning to end of daily chapter, every single day! Maya has a heart of gold. She is simply a gift to humanity. She likes listening to hassidic music and she likes dressing up.

When Maya was a year old, a cancerous tumor was found in her head. Our brave Maya had to undergo several very difficult operations. As a result of one of these operations an infection was caused in her brain. This causes her to gain a lot of weight no matter what or how much she eats.
Maya also suffers from headaches, thought disturbances, nervousness and impatience, and that is not even all of it…
Maya needs to go in to the hospital to be checked every month.

Maya's father was involved in a terrible car crash and has been severely handicapped ever since. Her mother is now the sole provider and caretaker of the entire family.

The Ilai Fund was able to provide Maya with a comfortable bed, a bookshelf and a computer. Before every holiday we provide her with budget for new books clothing and other basic necessities.

Maya, dear, we are with you every step of the way. We are praying for your speedy recovery. Please, darling! Pray for all of us as well…
We are sure that the future holds in store for you many good things. We are looking forward to watching you get married and becoming the wonderful mother you were destined to be…Amen.