Our wonderful Daniel is eight years old. He's a beautiful child, who loves to sing and play. He's an expert at computer games, and enjoys watching children's programs on TV. He loves his mother and younger brother very much.
It has been a real pleasure getting to know Daniel, for he radiates so much light and positive energy.

When Daniel was five years old, there were tumors found in his head. This condition causes him to have extremely painful headaches, to the extent that he's not able to fall asleep. This condition also causes psychological disorders.
Daniel has undergone 5 surgeries already!
Unfortunately, this disease causes the tumors to reappear, even after their removal, and not always in the same size or in the same place. Daniel is now recovering after his fifth surgery.
Although Daniel's mother really loved her job as a preschool teacher, she had no choice but to resign, because of Daniel's frequent hospital visits, which often stretch out over long periods of time.

The Ilai fund helps pay Daniel's travel expenses, and when need be, provides him with an ambulance. In addition, the Ilai Fund enables him to go for psychological counseling which helps him cope emotionally. We are happy to provide him with the means to receive acupuncture treatments, so that he could rest and fall asleep for a short period of time. Since Daniel is hospitalized for long periods of time, he misses a lot of school. The Ilai fund is happy to provide him with tutors and a computer. We have also been able to buy him a closet and a comfortable bed.

Dear Daniel! We hope and pray for your speedy recovery. We can't wait to see you going back to school happy and healthy. You will be a great man! We look forward to seeing your great accomplishments in life. Amen.