Our seven year old Amir is full of life and energy.
Amir likes to run jump and swim. He likes and enjoys playing basketball and soccer. He loves music and he loves learning. Amir is always full of hope.
The entire hospital staff is in love with him. How could they not be?
Amir is one of the bravest children we know! Despite the many hardships he faces, he's still coping beautifully.

Amir suffers from the chronic disease Hirsh pong, which affects his intestines.
So far, Amir went through 10 operations.
Amir's mother is a single mom. She is very devoted to her four children and is raising them with a lot of love. She is struggling on her own with the financial burden. Since Amir's condition deteriorated, she has had to quit her job.

Amir and his family are dealing with a financial crisis.
They need to purchase medical equipment at the cost of a few hundred shekel every month.
Every trip to the hospital costs approximately 500 shekel. The last time Amir was hospitalized, his mother had to hitchhike in order to get her son to the hospital!

Amir is struggling with an emotional crisis, as well.
His frequent hospital stays cause him to miss many school days and trips.

The ‘Ilai Fund’ was happy to give Amir a DVD Player in order to make him happy and to make his post-operation hospital stay easier for him. Amir also received many books and gifts, and in the very near future we will have the pleasure of presenting him with a brand new bicycle of his very own. In the next summer, the ‘Ilai Fund’ will send Amir for swimming lessons. We have also provided him with learning material to help him make up the schoolwork he missed. We are also helping his mother pay the transportation fees to and from the hospital.

Dear, brave Amir! We are so proud of you! You are coping beautifully with your many difficulties and you're so full of hope… We are praying for your health and happiness We can't wait to see you grow up big, strong and happy. Being the special person you are we know you'll grow up to be something outstanding… We are all with you, Amir. Be strong!