Our Hero Yair is such a sweet, good looking, 7 year old. He was born with Autism; a condition that makes it very difficult for him to go about his daily activities. Yair has delayed communication skills and cognitive disabilities; therefore, he needs the assistance of his wonderful friends and family to perform everyday functions.
Despite all these complications, it is beautiful to see how devoted his mother is to him. And it is incredible because she does it all alone with such deep affection!

The A.B.A communication program for Yair is extremely important for his development. However, the set of treatments is very expensive and difficult for his mother to afford. We thank our donors, who have made it possible for us to help. The ILAI fund is honored to be part of such a wonderful mitzvah in helping Yair and his mother with the care that they need.

You are a true hero Yair! We are so proud to see how much calmer you are after working so hard with the A.B.A program. Our wish for you is that it only gets easier and easier!