Elad is a cheerful and friendly 13 and a half year old boy. He was diagnosed at a young age with Autism and has been wheelchair bound ever since. Because of his delayed communication skills and cognitive disabilities, he needs the assistance of his wonderful friends and family to perform everyday functions.
Elad’s lack of mobility has made him 100% dependent on his family. He attends Occupational Therapy where he works with unique computer games enabling him to play unaided with the program. Elad loves being independent and playing alone!

Thanks to our amazing donors, we were able to purchase Elad his very own iPad so that he could play at home all by himself!
Both Elad and his loving family members are so grateful for this amazing opportunity.

Elad - We wish for you that this is the only the beginning of great accomplishments and achievements for the future. Your determination to improve and get stronger every day is a true inspiration!