Lior is an adorable 6 year old boy with Crohn’s disease. He is a very happy boy who loves being outdoors and listening to music with his friends.

Unfortunately, this disease affects parts of his gastrointestinal tract and causes him much discomfort. Due to this, Lior had a period of at least a year where he was hospitalized so that he could receive the correct treatment. In addition, Many of the hospitals ( Ichilov, Rambam, and Wolfson) are very far from home, which make it extremely difficult for his mother to come and be by his side.

Lior also had problems eating and therefore needed a feeding tube to help him gain weight and stay healthy. The only nutritional food that he can eat is very expensive to purchase. After the financial help from his health insurance, this special food for Lior still costs 1,000 shekels a month.
As he is in and out of hospitals and needs extra care, his mother wastes a lot of time and money running back and forth to be with him and was therefore forced to give up her job. In addition, Lior has 3 other siblings who need special emotional and psychological treatment because of the strain on the family.
Because of these high expenses, Lior’s family relies on the kind of contributions from donors so they can continue paying for his treatments and special food.
Lior, we are praying for a speedy recovery and wish for you all the happiness and health in the world!