Alon is a sweet and 6 year old boy filled with life and smiles. Our Alon has a pure neshama, soul, that is very difficult to put into words but very easy to feel. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and has severe developmental delays that make it extremely hard for him to go about his day doing the simplest of things. For example, showering, bathing and brushing his teeth are all challenging for Alon. He has unstable shoulders due to his epilepsy and his handicap does not make it any easier!

Thank you to our heartfelt donors, the Ilai fund has been able to supply Alon with splints for his feet and has also paid for a custom made wheelchair!
Alon, we are praying for a speedy recovery and wish for you all the happiness and health in the world! We hope that the wheelchair helps you get around and makes you feel as if you a re on top of the world. Good luck! We love you.