Chani is beautiful 8 year old girl and one of 7 children! She loves spending time with her family. Her devoted parents do everything with her .They take her on trips outside, help her with her daily needs at home, and make sure to keep her busy.

Chani has severe epilepsy, and has been experiencing cognitive and communicative delays for a very long time. Every type of treatment to try and stop her epileptic seizures has failed. As Chani is delayed cognitively she gets special therapy and treatment in the classroom. Her parents also work very hard to keep up the same teaching techniques at home.
Thank you to our devoted donors we are able to aid Chani with medication and treatments to help her!

Chani, we hope from the bottom of our hearts that you continue shining in all that you do! Keep up the good work!
Good luck and were praying for you every day- we love you!