Little Ron is a very good looking 4 year old boy who was diagnosed at a very young age with P.D.D. Ron has severe developmental disabilities and due to this, it is difficult for him to interact and communicate. He has not yet developed enough natural speech to meet his daily communication needs. Despite his circumstances, Ron is a true hero who deals daily with the frustration of having the world misunderstand him.
Along with this, Ron has been very patient while waiting for his communication board and wheelchair. Due to high costs, it has been hard for the family to purchase these necessary items.

With thanks to our donating angels, the Ilai Fund was able to donate a considerable amount of money for the acquisition of Ron's expensive, custom-made wheelchair! With the stroller, it is apparent how much calmer and happier he is. It has ultimately helped him be more composed. It is so special to see his ability to control his frustrations. Kol hakavod!