Ayala is a beautiful, smiley, and happy young 12.5 year old. She is one of the bravest girls we know. Despite her difficulties, she is coping so beautifully and is always full of life and energy!

Ayala is completely deaf in one ear as well as her other ear, which barely hears sounds. From the young age of 2 she has needed hearing aids. She’s spent a lot of her life in the hospital in and out of expensive surgeries to try and fix the problem in her ears.

The Ilai Fund is proud to be part of this amazing family by providing Ayala with 20,000 shekel hearing aids and by supporting them for all their needs. From the time she received the hearing aids, Ayala’s teachers and parents have said she has come a long way!

Ayala now has the privilege of hearing with the aids and has stopped hearing the white noise she was so used to hearing in her head every hour of every day. Thank G-d, Ayala speaks better, eats better, and overall is a happier child.

Thanks Ayala for giving us the privilege of helping and reminding us of our blessings! We hope you’re successful in whatever you set your mind to! We are so proud of you!