Yehudit is such a sweet 3 year old girl yet she was born with Cerebral palsy, a condition that makes it very difficult to go about your daily activities. It is very tough for this cute little girl to walk, eat, brush her teeth, and even to bathe. She walks very unsteadily and has muscle problems in all limbs. She gets around by crawling or by pushing a chair.

Yehudit could be 100% more mobile with a walker and a wheelchair. However the cost is prohibitive and out of reach for the family to purchase. Nonetheless, with the help of our angels, Yehudit's wheelchair became a reality and helps with her every day activities, those we all take for granted.

For this we would like to say a HUGE thank you to our donors for spreading your wings and helping us make this dream come true!

We’re holding your hand Yehudit and were praying for a speedy recovery! God willing, as you grow up you will learn to do things by yourself with less and less help from the world around you. Good luck!