I was born after years of anticipation and prayers. My parents found this charity organization in my name to thank God for this great gift (Me, a healthy child).
With thanks and gratitude to the Almighty, I was born a healthy child and live a happy and healthy life.

Many of the children in Israel, who are like brothers and sisters to me, are not as fortunate as I am. These are unfortunate children who suffer from physical, emotional and mental disabilities, children who have been afflicted with different syndromes, autism, polio, hearing loss, visual impairment, handicaps, cancer patients, orphans and children who have been wounded in accidents, wars or acts of terrorism.

We are trying very hard to make their world a better place but we are unable to meet all their needs and requirements by ourselves. The 'ILAI Fund' needs your help to accomplish this charitable mission. Together, with your kind heart and generosity, we can make a difference in the lives of so many unfortunate children.

Please join us on this journey. Spend some time and look through our web site. Come and share the light of the blessing with us.
With love and thanks,
Ilai Benyamin YM Shaltiel