Through this program we provide funds for underprivileged families with children challenged by autism and cerebral palsy. The funds are provided in order to achieve two goals: to purchase iPads with applications especially suited for the children to communicate, learn, express their feelings and needs, and to pay for ABA Therapy that helps children with autism learn to communicate and function effectively, and aids in their education.

The program intends to address communication and education needs of children with autism and cerebral palsy and their families. iPads fitted with the software needed cost over £800 (about 4000 shekels) and are unaffordable for many families with children with special needs in Israel. As for ABA Therapy, there are incredibly long waiting lists in the context of the national healthcare system and private therapy costs at least 2,000 shekels per month.

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Our goal is to lighten some of this massive financial burden. We seek to provide iPads and the software for as many children with autism and cerebral palsy as possible. We do this by providing 100% of the funds needed for the purchase. In terms of ABA Therapy, our goal is to cover some of the costs, to make it more affordable.

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"Bringing Light into Darkness"

(A testimonial from the mother of a child
challenged with autism, who received
assistance from us to buy an iPad for their child.)

Dear ILAI Fund,
Thank you for helping us buy an iPad for our child.
At first I thought the program was a real success....but now I know for sure it's a miracle!

Thanks to the iPad, my child communicates much better and when he is hungry , thirsty, angry or loving, he can express himself through the iPad and tell us what he wants and needs. He can tell us if he is in pain, or needs the toilet. He is much more independent and relaxed.

As a result, he is calm and much more relaxed than before. Today, instead of sleeping 3 hours a night, he sleeps 7-8 hours and also his siblings sleep uninterrupted and I manage to sleep every night, something we were unable to do since he was born.

The gaming keeps his mind busy so he does not bang his head into the wall, as he used to. He beats himself and us much less and my other children are not as much afraid of him as before.

It is a TRUE MIRACLE and we are so grateful for your help.

Thank you for turning "tears into smiles".

Approved Grant Request for iCan-iPad Project