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Best Donating Angel Award

  • LOVE
  • LIVE

Love, Live & Believe

"Ilai", our son, is a gift which we received after years of praying to GOD... read more

אם זה היה הילד שלי?

What if it were my child?

we think that everyone has to stop once in a while, and ask himself... read more

הופכים דמעות לחיוכים

Turning Tears into smiles

Give them a chance to experience things that regular children take for granted ... read more

ילד גיבור

Our Heroes

When most children hear the word ‘Hero’ they think of all the super heroethat comics.. read more

הצוות שלנו

Our Team

All the effort done by the members of the ILAI Fund are strictly voluntary and only for the benefit of... read more
המלאכים הנדיבים

Our Donors

All projects of the “ILAI Fund” are being supported by generous loving people ... read more

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