As you can see there is a tremendous amount of work to do to help our children. Most importantly, they need our financial and spiritual support!
When you visit Israel, you can add one extra stop to your trip and visit some of our children with special needs.
ILAI FUND is glad to make the arrangements for you!
Please join us, give us your hand and help us by providing your financial support for our children and for our work.
Helping these children is one of the most rewarding acts anyone can perform.
Please Act Responsibly. Do not ignore this call. We need your help.
Please join us in this journey. Come and share the blessing with us!

Enjoy reading and donate today! 

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Albert Shaltiel, POB 567 Modi'in ISRAEL 7171801 | Tel. +972-8-9718494 | Cel: +972-52-7078845 | Tel. in USA: (213) 5009906 |  | j 


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