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Tamar Cohen
Nine years old Rett Syndrome
To the attention of “Ilai” Fund Greetings, We would like to thank you from the depths of our hearts for your contribution in purchasing a bicycle for our daughter Tamar Cohen who has “Rett” Syndrome. You brought joy and happiness to Tamari’s face by enabling her to ride her bike and go out like all her friends her age.
You should be successful in all your efforts and you should merit to be able to help all those who turn to you, With much appreciation, The parents, Pini and Rut Cohen And especially, Tamari Ofakim
Tova Lehman
Two years old Downs Syndrome
Dear ILIA Fund, Dear Mr. Shaltiel, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous donation of extra hours of assistance for my daughter Tova. With your help we have been able to add extra hours of an assistant for her, thus advancing her in many areas, for example – fine motor skills, verbal communication, and more over and above these.
Furthermore, the extra hours have enabled the assistant to work with Tova individually, as well as together with the other children, thus developing her social communication. May Hashem reward your efforts, With a lot of appreciation and blessings,
Mrs. C. Lehman
Gilad Ochyan
Sixteen years old Mentally challenged - Cerebral Palsy Marcel Ochyan in the name of the child, Gilad Ochyan
To the Ilai Fund, I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your donation that helped us purchase an Ipad for our son Gilad. This is a beacon of light in dealing with raising this special child.
The Heavens should bless you, Marcel Ochyan, Gilad’s mother
Tahel Machluf
Five years old Severely challenged
Shalom! Again, I do not have the words to thank you for your emotional and spiritual support, and of course, the encouragement to be strong. Thank you from my whole heart. Thank you very, very much,
Keren Machluf
Lior Avraham Levi
Five years old, Crohn’s Disease
Dear Ilai Fund, We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the monetary assistance that you gave us. A cheque for five hundred shekel!
Allow us to express the feelings of our hearts and to thank you for your honorable donation. Thank you for lending a helping hand through economic assistance for the expenses of our son Lior. We recognize and bless this effort that expresses social values, care, involvement and giving to the community.
This money is only for the medical needs of our toddler son Lior Avraham. We are proud and thankful to merit being helped by this organization in our time of distress.
“May we see wealth and the happiness in every house of Israel”. The Heavens should bless you and your children with health, strength and success in everything.
Thank you very much,
Micki and Sigal Levi
Moshe Biderman
Thirteen years old, Moderate to severely mentally challenged In the care of The Newfelds , Foster Family, Modiin Illit
Dear Ilai Fund, Shalom and Blessings! We thank you very much for the generous contribution towards medical equipment expense for Moshe Biderman. The assistance helped us a lot and gave us a feeling of the care that stands behind the establishment of this fund. The firm desire to participate in the difficulties of others really warms the heart.
We wish that you should always merit to be supporters!
All the best, Yisrael and Chana Newfeld In the name of Moshe Biderman
We come with a few words to thank and praise all your kindness on behalf of myself and my family With this I will say my thanks and I will give all that it is in my heart: May you be blessed with abundant blessings from heaven And may it be multiplied May G-d help from the heavenly skies. From me, Efrat and my parents Haim and Michal Hoffman, We greatly appreciate the considerable contributions you have made!
We would like to thank you on behalf of our children Avraham, Moriah, and Oriyah. To Albert Shaltiel and The ILAI Fund and to those who assist and volunteer to help the children of Israel and our children in particular. May your hearts desires be fulfilled and met favorably in all that you ask for. With the blessing of the priests , May God bless you and keep you safe, May he be gracious to you and give you peace! May he bless you and all of Am Yisrael. Amen.

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