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Ilai Fund Team

All the effort done by the members of the ILAI Fund are strictly voluntary and only for the benefit of the ILAI Children. There are no salaries.

Our Volunteers Staff:

Albert Shaltiel

Founder and Chairman

Yael Shaltiel

Secretary and Administrative Assistant

Shadi Menasheof

Legal Adviser

Yigal Broukhim

Audit Committee

Tehila Nahmias

Audit Committee

Maayan Abramowitz

PR, Newsletter and FB Designer and Director

Julija Levin

PR, Outreach Coordinator, Development

Ilai Beyamin Shaltiel

Our Inspiration and Activist, Relation-ship and Visiting Ilai Children in their Houses or Hospitals

Malakhi Rakhel Shaltiel

Our Compensation, Trainee, Big Reason to Continue

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