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Published by The Jerusalem Post on April 12, 2018



The ILAI Fund ensures that we remember the ill and disabled victims of the Shoah.

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LA Couple Awarded for “Embracing the Jewish Tradition of Kindness Through the Generations”

Published by Jewis Link 20.10.2015

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LA Couple Awarded for "Embracing the Jewish Tradition of Kindness Through the Generations"…

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איראן זה שם

Published in MNews on April 22, 2018, written by Eran Kaminsky



אלברט שאלתיאל היה בן תשע כשפרצה המהפיכה החומיניסטית ברחובות טהרן • נסיבות חייו המיוחדות הביאו אותו לייסד קרן סיוע לילדים חולים ונכים

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Faces of Israel: Shaltiel Family and the ILAI Fund

Published by United with Israel 6.5.2014

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Albert and Yael Shaltiel struggled for years with infertility. But rather than harping on their own tribulations, they devoted themselves to children with serious medical issues.

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How can you choose only one?

Published by Jewish Link 3.2.14 

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In a small family apartment high atop the Israeli city of Modiin, a husband and wife sit together as they pore over a thick black binder bursting with photos and medical records of sick Israeli children.

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Helping Sick Israeli Children Produces Miracles

Published by The Jewish Press 30.4.2014

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A decision to help sick Israeli children in need led to miracles for Yael and Albert Shaltiel — and a special fund to help even more.

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“Turning Tears Into Smiles”

Published by 5TJT

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Mention the word “hero” to a child and he will probably think of the superheroes of comics and movie fame. The Ilai Fund children constitute an entirely different league of heroes…

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Local Philanthropist Honored for Support of Children’s Charity

Published by Jewis Link 25.4.2014

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Local philanthropists, Ben and Bita Nehmadi of Los Angeles were honored last week for their charitable work on behalf of the Ilai Fund…

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Veterans: Devoted to the cause

Published by Jerusalem Post 7.9.2014

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It seems unusual that a young Iranian Jew from a wealthy background should devote a major part of his time, energy and resources to helping sick...

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Heroes and Angels. Tikun Olam With the ILAI Fund

עילאי מכניס מכתבים לתיבת הדואר

Published by Jewish News 11.2.2013

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On the Ilai Fund website you’ll meet some real heroes: bright lights of courage and hope, patience and inner strength, enthusiasm and phenomenal faith...

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Father Teresa

Published by MNews 10.12.2010

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אלברט ויעל שאלתיאל ממודיעין התקשו להיכנס להריון, אבל החליטו שבמקום לאמץ ילד אחד, הם יאמצו את כל בית האומנה בו חיפשו תוספת למשפחתם • כאשר בנם עילאי נולד במפתיע, הם הפכו את הסיוע לילדים למשרה מלאה, הקימו עמותה הנקראת על שמו של בנם, ומאז גייסו תרומות של מאות אלפי דולרים המסייעות לילדים חולים ופגועים

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